Web Payroll

One Source WebClient

The WebClient is designed for small and simple clients. It is an intuitive and easy to use application that walks the end user through all processes in a simple and straightforward manner.


Below is a list of functionality provided in WebClient:

  • Add checks after payroll is created
  • Add check lines after payroll is created
  • Override rate number and rate amount
  • Time Off Accruals
  • Child Support Cases
  • Time Off Accrual History
  • Tax Calculator
  • States
  • Localities
  • Department Overrides
  • Payroll Register
  • Check Recon
  • Payroll Import
  • Employee Audit report
  • Cover Letter with Tax report
  • Personnel Register
  • Direct Deposit
  • Job Costing report
  • 401K Report
  • Scheduled Earning and Deductions
  • Input Worksheet
  • Labor Distribution