Workers Compensation

One Source Payroll has partnered with AP Intego to offer pay-as-you-go workers compensation insurance. With a normal workers compensation policy you have to pay 25% down each year and then make monthly or quarterly payments. The benefits of our AP Intego automated workers compensation program:

  • Improved cash flow by eliminating large down payments.
  • Automatically calculates premiums based upon actual Payroll data — no over payments!
  • Helps to minimize, if not eliminate, year-end audit adjustments.

How to minimize surprises at audit time

Even though your workers’ compensation payments are based on actual payroll dollars submitted, your company is still subject to a year-end audit.  To minimize any surprises at audit time, please make sure to inform us of any change in your business.  Some of the changes might include:

  • A change in business activity
  • Placing an employee in the wrong class code
  • Adding a new location to your existing business
  • High payroll
  • Bonuses
  • Low payroll
  • 1099 contractors
  • Subcontractors that do not carry their own Workers’ Comp insurance

Any changes, not conveyed to us, may have a significant impact at audit time.